Learn about messaging and take back the public debate!

Hi everyone!
After teaching several rounds of the 3-part Science of Messaging training, I concluded that I need to split the training into two: a slightly less technical single-session training for everybody, and an advanced training for experienced communication professionals who want more of the science. Please bear with me while I make these changes.
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The Art of Messaging – Coming in September!


A single two-hour session for all political professionals, activists and other stakeholders who want to improve our messaging, stop playing defense and get control of the public debate!

The Science of Messaging – January 2022


For experienced political communications professionals and activists who are already familiar with the basic concepts of framing and want to learn how to craft their own framing strategies and apply them in their day to day work.

This training won’t just tell you what to say, it will change how you think. You will get the tools you need to figure out for yourself what to say, every day, to wrestle control of the public debate back from conservatives.

The conservative movement has dominated the public debate with lies, fear and division. We need to learn effective framing tactics and use them to promote truth, inspire hope and bring people back together.

To develop this training, I worked for more than a year with George Lakoff, the “father of framing,” progressive messaging guru, pioneer of cognitive linguistics, and best-selling author of Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate.

My mission is to make this challenging material accessible for busy professionals and activists by focusing on what you really need to know and showing you how to apply it in your day-to-day work.

We’re all tired of being beaten up in a game where we either don’t understand the rules or don’t even know we’re playing. If you go through this training, you will come out the other side feeling like you are in control, have a game plan and are ready to dominate the field.


Language and the Brain

  • Part 1: We can win the debate over individual issues by changing the dominant frame in the conversation. Learn what frames are and how they work on a neurological level, how they influence judgment of right and wrong, and how we use narratives to promote them.
  • Part 2: Learn how our country developed a political culture around two highly contrasting worldviews. Learn who is persuadable and how they can be persuaded.
  • Part 3: Learn why controlling the agenda is the key to bringing the entire public debate back from the far right, and why we have to exclusively use frames that illustrate our belief system.

What We Believe

  • Part 1: Learn the dominant narratives of conservative and progressive belief systems, our core values and how to contrast them with conservative values.
  • Part 2: Learn how to debunk dominant conservative myths and provide a better vision of the relationship between society, government and our economic system.
  • Part 3: Learn how to articulate our beliefs in the proper role of government and how to get people to understand and support our policy positions by placing them in the context of those beliefs.

Take Back the Debate

  • Learn how to analyze the current public debate and identify the prominent frames and how they are being used to influence people’s perception.
  • Learn how to develop our own frames, ones that will get people to see situations from our point of view and judge our actions to be morally right.
  • Learn how to develop and execute our own reframing strategy. Learn practical tools and tactics we can use to regain control of the debate, set or change the agenda and get people to think using our frames.