About Antonia Scatton

For more than 25 years, Antonia Scatton has been behind the scenes, working for, training and advising political campaigns, party committees and advocacy organizations across the country. Antonia works with people to develop effective message strategy, build community engagement and increase organizational capacity, the kind of improvements that help win in the short-term and build long-term success.

Antonia is an expert in political messaging and framing. She studied cognitive linguistics with progressive messaging guru and best-selling author, George Lakoff, and worked closely with him for more than a year to develop practical ways for people to apply his discoveries about the cognitive science of messaging in their day to day work.

Now, for the first time, Antonia is taking her extensive knowledge and making it available to the whole community. Her hope is to help us develop mastery of critical framing and messaging skills and to encourage a productive conversation about innovation and increasing community participation in the political campaign process.

“We need more folks like Antonia working on revolutionizing the way we campaign. If we are going to continue to pull in newer generations of voters, we must think outside the box and find new and different ways to reach the growing and ever-changing electorate.”  

Sally Boynton Brown

Executive Director, Democratic Party of Florida
  President, Association of State
Executive Directors

Party Committees

Arizona Democratic Party
Florida Democratic Party
Democratic Party of Virginia
New Hampshire Democratic Party
Idaho Democratic Party
Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party
Fairfax County Democratic Committee
Arlington County Democratic Committee
AZ Legislative District 21 Democratic Committee
AZ Legislative District 22 Democratic Committee


National Treasury Employees Union
Center for American Progress
Center for American Progress Action Fund
Arizona Deserves Better
Arizonans for Fair Elections
Virginia Civic Engagement Table
National Prostate Cancer Coalition (ZeroCancer.org)
Just Cause for Oakland (CA) anti-eviction campaign
Greenpeace CA

The Environmental Working Group
California Taxpayers for Common Sense

California Power Authority Watchdog
No on Prop 37, “Polluter Pays” (CA)
Oakland Unified School District
Chicago Board of Education

Consumer Attorneys of California
Southern California Americans for Democratic Action

Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization


Jim Webb for U.S. Senate (VA)
Jeanne Shaheen for U.S. Senate (NH)

Jerry Sturgill for U.S. Senate (ID)
John Edwards for Senate (NC)
Barbara Lee for Congress (CA-13)

Hiral Tipirneni for Congress (AZ-8)
Anita Malik for Congress (AZ-6)
Victoria Wulsin for Congress (OH-2)

Michelle Young for Congress (OH-1)
Wayne Powell for Congress (VA-7)
Katrina Swett for Congress (NH-2)

Peter Jacob for Congress (NJ-7)
Nanette Barragan for Congress (CA-44)
Jerry Brown for Mayor (Oakland, CA)
Dawn Adams for Delegate (VA-68)
Courtney Lynch for Supervisor
(Henrico County, VA)
Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign
Matt Hummel for Oakland, City Council, At-Large
Re-elect David Orr, Cook County Clerk (IL)
Almeida for Alderman (Ward 1, Chicago, IL)
Re-elect Joe Moore (Ward 49, Chicago, IL)
No on Prop 37, “Polluter Pays” (CA)

and others…

View Antonia’s LinkedIn profile and read more recommendations at linkedin.com/in/antoniascatton

“Antonia and her team take the time to understand each person’s unique skills and abilities and how to incorporate them into a campaign. Media buys, direct mail and robocalls will never come close to having the impact your neighbor, peer or colleague have when it comes to influencing your vote. This isn’t a job, it is a passion for them. They want to change the world one conversation at a time and they are. Look at their latest results in AZ CD-8!”

– Kelly Paisley
Campaign Manager, Tipirneni for Congress
Chief of Staff, Arizona Democratic Party